Will A History of Heart Attacks Prevent Me From Finding Life Insurance?

Life insurance has been recognized as one of the most important services that a family can have. It is a supportive service which offers money when a family member dies. It becomes even more vital when the deceased is an important breadwinner of the family.

heart-attack2But no all people that apply get life insurance and there are severe restrictions regarding health and age. Any potential applicant must first determine if he or she is eligible and what is the policy of the insurance company they want to apply to.  For example, a history of heart attacks can prevent you from finding life insurance. Still, you should not despair and you should look for no medical exam life insurance quotes.

Companies that offer traditional policies will likely refuse any person with serious heart problems. The mortality risk is way too high for them to risk. Gambling with potential bad investments is certainly not the specialty of companies that sell standard policies.

You can find some companies that will initially want to talk with you and they will ask many questions and will tell you that you have to run several medical tests. They will want to determine the cause of heart attacks and if they can be controlled.  But in most cases, they will want the results in order to have a solid argument for your refusal. Unfortunately that will make you only lose time.

No medical exam life insurance is a viable solution that offers protection even to those that have suffered from a heart attack. The bad news is that no exam life insurance is more expensive than any of the other life insurance policies. So, the answer is “no”, you can still get life insurance if you apply for no medical exam life insurance.

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